Welcome to The Centre for Counselling.

  • Counselling & Therapy Options include:

  • Our therapists have been serving Bromley and the surrounding community since opening in 1997. We aim to ensure you get you the help you need, without having to wait too long. If you contact us from the website today, either by email or phone, normally you can expect to be offered an appointment within 24-48 hours. This could be vital, especially for couples, if they feel they are at a crisis point in their relationship. Whatever you may be struggling with, whatever your age, gender, sexuality or background, we have counsellors and clinical psychologists available here at the Centre, with the right knowledge and skills for your particular need.

    The Centre is open Monday – Friday 8am until 10pm and we also offer weekend appointments, subject to availability. Our lines are open 7 days a week and calls are diverted outside office hours, to ensure you get a speedy response to your call.

    However if you prefer, please complete the enquiry form which will be emailed to us at the centre and we will try and respond to you within 24 hours