About the Centre…

since we opened our doors in 1997 our therapists at the Centre for Counselling, have been serving Bromley and the surrounding community with the aim of ensuring you get you the help that you need without having to wait too long. This could be vital especially for couples if they feel they are at a crisis point in their relationship. Whatever you may be struggling with, whatever your gender, sexuality or background, we have counsellors and clinical psychologists available here at the Centre with the right knowledge and skills for your particular needs. Your confidentiality is of prime importance to our therapists who adhere to the BACP’s Ethical Framework and Guidelines for Good Practice as well as many other governing bodies of our diverse practitioners ensuring the Centre maintains a very high standard of practice.

Centre Director and Founder Jenni Camplin

As a retired counsellor of over 25 years’ experience I know that there are so many reasons people seek counselling whether it is a bereavement or the loss of a partner through divorce, trauma from childhood experiences, depression, family conflict, relationship issues these are but a few. Whatever the concerns it may seem overwhelming to face these alone yet too painful to share. The aim of the centre is to offer support and to provide a safe and confidential space in which  clients can explore their feelings. This may lead to greater insight and self-awareness and eventually explore ways to deal with situations and crises they may be facing. Often taking that first step to contact a counsellor can feel very daunting but it may also feel like the beginning of a process, the first step to facing what is holding us back from living our lives more fully. Speaking to someone removed from our family situation and in a relaxed atmosphere may enable us to talk more openly and honestly about difficult emotions such as anger and fear.