Charlie O’Brien

Clinical Hypnotherapist currently undertaking further and ongoing training in Integrative Psychotherapy (through UKCP)

Mindfulness Teacher, Life Coach EFT tapping practitioner. 

Approaches I use:

Solution Focused – identifying the goals and solutions you’d like to see, and using the above methods – working out how to get there.  Hypnotherapy is solution focused by nature

Humanistic – looking at you as a whole human being and how you can reach your own potential

Psychodynamic – helping you understand how past experiences can shape how you are feeling and acting in the present. This can be useful for identifying patterns of behaviour.  We look at getting to the root of the problem

Behavioural – looking at ways we can change your patterns of thoughts and behaviours and learning how they are related

Somatic / body approaches – working with tapping (Emotional Freedom Technique) and the breath we can support parts of the brain that have become overwhelmed and hijacked and teach the brain and body new possibilities

Mindfulness – learning the skill of being in the present, without judging thoughts and feelings 

Coaching – using what we know in the present to set achievable goals moving forward (please note Iā€™m also a qualified Life Coach)

I am also very hands on and practical meaning that I share work sheets and plenty of tools and resources and also set homework so you can continue your progress in between sessions.  I truly believe that eventually we all become our own therapists.


The most common issues I work with in my therapy room daily are ANXIETY and PANIC and LOW CONFIDENCE.

Recently these have included :

– ARFID (avoidant restrictive food intake disorder)

– depression

– panic attacks

– stress reduction for fertility

– birth phobia (tokophobia)

– birth trauma

– stress and overwhelm

– agoraphobia

– needle phobia 

– flying phobia

– driving phobia

– public speaking confidence

– childhood trauma and abuse

– social anxiety and Selective Mutism

– lack of self esteem and self worth

– procrastination and struggling to achieve goals

– sleep issues

– emotional eating (please note I will only offer the Virtual Gastric Band programme to clients who have also worked through emotional eating habits and patterns with me)


I specialise in therapy for birth trauma and birth phobia (Tokophobia) and all things related to fertility and pregnancy, including miscarriage and loss and have undertaken additional and specialist training in this area. 

I also have a keen interest in assisting with public speaking confidence ā€“ having been a broadcaster / presenter / journalist and voice over artist for many years.

I have membership of the following

NSTT (National Society for Talking Therapies)

Member of The International Hypnotherapy Association

CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)

UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) ā€“ trainee membership 

To book an appointment please contact l me at

Alternatively call or text the Centre for Counselling on 07821688332