Christopher Keane

Member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) 

Trained in in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy & other Psychological Modalities 

Masters & Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology

Bachelor of Arts Degree with Honours in Philosophy 

Extensive experience working in NHS mental health/psychology services 

I am a Psychotherapist, offering psychotherapy to individuals experiencing difficulties in their lives, which may sometimes take the form of depression and anxiety. My focus is on unconscious processes underlying experiences that may connect to the past and be repeated throughout life and in the present. A lot of the time there are unique factors in one’s life to do with childhood, relationships, bad and good experiences, expectations from others, as well as desire and choice that underpin why they are the way they are and the circumstances they may find themselves in. Often difficulties are understood as a symptom or complaint that things aren’t going well like they used to, or something is getting in the way. These things can increase suffering, having a significant impact on deriving enjoyment or satisfaction, or experiencing feelings of being stuck or empty, or the opposite that there is too much, and one is carried away with things.  

I provide a safe and containing space to explore these issues, via short/long term and open-ended psychotherapy. My approach is psychoanalytic, which takes an explorative approach, looking inwards to understand one’s internal situation, as well as examining the possibility for change. This consists in taking a curious and not-knowing stance, creating a space to assist you to think, reflect, and pose questions; whilst examining memories, feelings, ideas, dreams, one’s history, wishes, and fantasies. 

I do not provide standardised advice, instructions, or quick fixes; instead, the purpose is to help you think more deeply about the causes of your unhappiness, whilst developing within you, your own unique and authentic way of responding. Important to this is that I am there with you, to accompany you on your psychotherapeutic journey. 

My fee is from £90 for an appointment. The fee can be dependent on session time and frequency of sessions. I also keep a few places for a concessionary fee, based on a sliding scale, where necessary for those on lower incomes. At the beginning, there will be an initial meeting(s) to explore your request for psychotherapy and we will proceed from there

Please contact me at 

Alternatively call or text the centre on 07821688332.