Jane Ellsbury

 Cognitive Hypnotherapist • Individuals • Adults • Young Adults

Currently unable offer face to face sessions

 Cognitive Hypnotherapy  (Quest Institute)

 Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma 
 Master Practitioner in NLP 

Counselling to Level 3.

Areas I work with
 Anxiety, lack of confidence, anger, phobias, fears

If you’ve ever felt there was something inside you that was keeping you from being your best self, something that you wanted to change, then I would love to help.  I use an approach called Cognitive Hypnotherapy which combines the best techniques from a variety of therapeutic approaches with a powerful form of hypnotic suggestion to move you towards your chosen goal or way of being.    

We tend to think that our issues are simply part of us, that we were born that way.  We might think for example, that we are naturally anxious, lacking in confidence, angry or whatever it might be that is troubling you.  In fact, most of the time, these issues are created in childhood and can be resolved.  

Childhood is a time when we can easily pick up fears and negative beliefs about ourselves from parents, peers or society.  As we develop into adulthood some of these fears and negative beliefs remain locked inside us and it is this locked information which drives the negative emotions, thoughts and behaviours that create our issues as adults. 

So typically, in our sessions together, one of our aims will be to unlock and dissolve whatever negative beliefs and emotions are creating issues for you.  Once we’ve done this you are likely to be pleasantly surprised at the difference this makes.  We don’t stop there though.  We will also focus on how you want to be once you are free from those old limiting beliefs and negative emotions in order to guide you to becoming more of the person you want to be. 

Most issues can be resolved in one to six sessions.  Occasionally clients work with me on a longer term basis.  

If you would like to explore whether we could work together towards your chosen future, please contact me on 07899778821

Alternatively call or text the Centre For Counselling on 07821688332