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What you think about us

Here are some of the responses from clients who have experienced couples counselling with Jenni Camplin

My husband and I arrived at the Centre for Counselling in Bromley about 20 months ago with our marriage in a state of disrepair, Jenni has very gently, and when needed directly, guided us across the great divide that lay between us. She managed to help us to start communicating with each other, but more importantly how to listen and consider the other persons point of view. The tools that Jenni has helped us to find have transformed our marriage and let the sun shine into our daily lives where before it felt like there was just darkness. I am deeply grateful to her
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Thank you for seeing us again today, it has helped us enormously to do this and thank you for being so patient with us, in what must have also been a challenging journey for you, not knowing what we might do next! Your style of counselling has been very effective in bringing us back and reminding us (or me) where we are going wrong, and enabling us to try and conform, which I think is beginning to work. I know we said today would be a final meeting but I didn't really feel we had reached that place yet and I am truly grateful for the flexibility with which we can continue to see you.
It has been a difficult journey, but I feel that a journey in life will always be a positive and challenging experience. Thank you once again.
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We started to come to see Jenni Camplin last year because we needed to improve our relationship. We were struggling to escape from a negative cycle. Seeing Jenni explored our past and the effects this had on our relationship and the way we communicated with each other. We were also coming to terms with not being able to have a baby which we had wanted for over two years. Jenni encouraged us to express our feelings in a safe environment encouraging us to listen and respect each other. With her help we talked about experiences we had not shared before.

Now a year on we closer than ever and expecting our first baby in six weeks. Without the support of Jenni neither of us feel our relationship would be as close as it is today. 
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